Bingo The Savage Way

Bingo The Savage Way - Free To Play 

12 rounds of fun. The last round ends with a grand prize of $100 Gift Card.
Play 2 cards per round, per person. Grand prize card has to have the stamp of the night on it to win.

How to play!
The first six rounds are as follows. 
Round one - Traditional Bingo 
Round two - No Diagonals 
Round three - Only Diagonals 
Round four - Four Corners Only 
Round 5 - Speed Round 
Round 6 - Traditional bingo
Round 7 - No Diagonals
Round 8- Four Corners 
Round 9 - Speed Round 
Round 10- Four Corners
Round 11 - Picture Frame 
Round 12 - All The Numbers 
GRAND PRIZE GAME for $100 Gift Card